Nuyorican Nights

(Jazzheads - 1999)

Recording Credits: Re-mastered the album.

Seven years ago 28 year old Chris Washburne was told he had virulent nerve cancer, 50 percent chance of surviving an operation for it, zero possibility of ever playing the trombone again - and he’d better check into the hospital in the morning. Washburne insisted on playing one more gig with the band whose core musicians are on this record. At the end of that particular hot night, the trombonist turned turned to his companeros and said, " SYOTOS." Meaning: see you on the other side. Now age 35, in 1999, things are even better, Wasburne’s on call with Tito Puente, Cella Cruz, and Mark Anthony; first ’bone chair in the Manhattan Character Orchestra, among several distinguished contemporary music ensembles, known in select jazz, rock, pop and experimental circles, emerging from academia with impressive field research on New York salsa leading to his Ph.D. And he’s releasing his first album as featured soloist since the debut of the Boston Arts Quartet, as composer and leader of the SYOTOS band: "Nuyorican Nights". Indeed, as one listens through to this richly multi-layered CD over and over again, it becomes clear that none of the SYOTOS ensemble members, in any track, is willing to accept the "Latin jazz" conventions as anything but a starting point.