Spacial Glacier

(Jazzheads - 1986)

"As I think back about the creation of this album, I remembered that Spacial Glacier was recorded before the luxury of sequencers and computer based music. The entire recording was created by first creating the sounds on the three or four synthesizers.  Then the sounds were combined by connecting the synths using MIDI to make one ‘sound’.  At that point, I would improvise using the ‘sound‘  we created.  All the performances were then recorded to reel-to-reel tape.  There were no edits and the performances were all ‘in the moment’.  In some ways, it was more challenging than using already pre-made sound sources and a computer program that instantly saves the performances as we have now to use.  I am very proud of this work.  Rob Harari, the engineer/musician, who I collaborated with, has the ability to be musical and technical.  His talent along with my ability to improvise was all important in the creation of this work.  Synthesizer Improvisations." - Randy Klein