Kenny Keys & Jonathan Long - Come and Be With Me (King Kozmo - 2020)
The cheerful sounds of Calypso with vocalist Jonathan Long and keyboard whiz Kenny Keys.
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Kenny Keys - Samson Management (Jazzheads - 2019)
Kenny Keys dials up some inspiration from his management company in Samson Management.
(Jazzheads - 2020)
Kenny Keys reaches new heights and listeners with an ear for the eclectic.
(Jazzheads - 2018)
Kenny Keys places the blues -
Don't Go!

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Avery (Jazzheads - 2020)
Wrestling Champion Avery Taylor enters the ring with a kickass track by Paul Rolnick and Randy Klein featuring legendary heavy metal guitarist Alex Skolnik backed by Keys-Rolnick
Millie Jackson - ESP (Spring/Polydor - 1983)
Sexercise (Parts 1&2) (Fischel, Germaise, Jackson, Klein)
Millie Jackson - Feelin' Bitchy (Southbound - 1977)
Feelin Like A Woman (Klein, Sackoff)
IRT - Watch The Closing Doors (RCA/Victor - 1985)
Watch The Closing Doors(Klein, Rodriguez, Gemaise)
Millie Jackson - For Men Only (Polydor - 1980)
This Is Where I Came In (Germaise, Klein)
Not On Your Life
Go Out And Get Some (Get It Out 'Cha System) (Jackson, Klein)
Candi Staton - Candi Staton (Warner Bros. - 1980)
Looking for Love (Klein, Schwartz)
This new children's recording features 30 educational and fun songs from the National Emmy Award-Winning television series, "Ticktock Minutes!"
Winner of the 2002 Parent Choice Award
Phuck U Symphony (Jackson, Klein)
This Is Where I Came In
(Germaise, Klein)
IRT - Made In The USA (RCA/Victor - 1985)
Made In The USA(Germaise, Klein)
Black Sheep - A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing (Mercury - 1991)
For Doz That Slept(Jackson, Klein, McLean, Titus)
JX - Close to Your Heart (Motor Music - 1997)
Close To Your Heart (Jackson, Klein)
Lil Kim - The Naked Truth (Atlantic - 2005)
Durty (Klein, Jackson, Johnson, Jones, "Lil' Kim", Lovelace, Velez)
Memphis Bleek - 534 (Roc-A-Fella - 2005)
All About Me  (Jackson, Klein)

The recordings below contain musical compositions written by Randy Klein