A live multimedia event featuring the marriage of sound, light and improvisation - a canvas of sound and image within a constantly evolving physical environment influenced by performers and audience.

Ambient Spaces combines a beautiful resonance of sound and light transporting an audience into visceral realities embodying expressions of wonder.

Master Improvising Pianist, Composer and Sound Design


A collaborative artist team made up of artists Michelle Penland Dodson and Bryan Dodson.  Integrated Visions combines a fine art training and sensibility with a ground up understanding of cutting edge technology to create immersive installations, artworks and public art. 

Work by Integrated Visions has been shown in major art museums around the world including MoMA (NYC), Akron Art Museum (Ohio), Crocker Art Museum (Sacramento), Virginia MoCA (Virginia Beach), Kajaani Art Museum (Finland), Kunsthalle Museum of Contemporary Art (Detroit), Kerava Art Museum (Finland), Avesta Museum (Sweden) and the Guggenheim (NYC).

Ambient Spaces Live

Music by Randy Klein

Visuals by Hypnotica.us

Projection/Tech by Viper Studios, Inc.