The musical journey that Ashley and I took to record this CD started with the day she auditioned for a musical that I was presenting. I loved her voice then and even more now. We began working together with the idea of recording one or two songs from my extensive catalog, but once we started, we were having so much fun that it resulted in this eleven song package of highly romantic songs. We rehearsed at my piano and then slowly began to develop the tracks. We then recorded a complete set of lead vocals and, because we are both perfectionists, recorded them again. By this second set of lead vocals, Ashley’s interpretations had grown and the songs became part of her, a personal statement.

When a vocalist chooses a song to sing, they are emotionally connected to it for some reason. The reason could either be the melody touches them in a certain way or there is a lyrical sentiment that they want to express. Although a vocalist may feel a connection to the song, it may just not fit for some reason. So they have to choose another. As you will hear, all of these songs fit Ashley to a tee.

The songs that are in this collection have been written during my long career in music in collaboration with many great lyricists. They are about romance, falling in and out of love and remembering the loves of our life. Good songs all have a common trait – one never tires of them. You will find that you don’t tire of listening to Ashley singing this collection of songs.

First Real Love

Ashley Fox Linton sings songs from the Randy Klein songbook.