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Kenny Keys - A Kenny Keys Christmas (Jazzheads - 2019)
Kenny Keys and his friends Kris Kringle and Randy Klein wish you the happiest of holiday seasons.
Randy Klein - Kleinway@Steinway (Jazzheads - 2016)
A series of performances recorded at the legendary Steinway Hall, the NYC home of Steinway & Sons since 1925. This was the last recording at this historic landmark building.
(Jazzheads - 2019)
Kenny Keys' rendition of the classic Santo & Johnny tune Sleep Walk.
(Jazzheads - 2018)
Kenny Keys places the blues -
Don't Go!
Kenny Keys & Jonathan Long- Come and Be With Me (King Kozmo - 2020)
Vocalist Jonathan Long teams up with keyboard whiz Kenny Keys for a fun track just begging to take you away to your happy place!

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Randy Klein - Randy Klein's Jazzheads (Jazzheads - 1993)
Randy Klein's Jazzheads is a quintet performing original music of composer/pianist Randy Klein with both lyric statement and improvisation joined as the central theme. 
Randy Klein - While I Was Waiting (Jazzheads - 1986)
17 improvisations created by first developing a layered sound from various combinations of synthesizers. These pieces are spontaneous creations with no additional editing.
Randy Klein - Spacial Glacier (Jazzheads - 1986)
Klein collaborates with engineer/musician Rob Harari in this collection of 14 performances, exploring the realm of sound without sequencers and computer based music.  
Randy Klein - Underground Romantic (Jazzheads - 1998)
Master improviser Randy Klein has created a CD that takes the listener on a beautiful musical journey. Underground Romantic is a most exquisite and elegant listening experience which should be a part of all discerning music collections.  
Randy Klein - Love Notes From The Bass (Jazzheads - 1994)
"Love Notes from the Bass" showcases composer/pianist Randy Klein's original duets composed for and featuring bassist Harvie Swartz. 
Randy Klein - Just My Imagination (Jazzheads - 1998)
A sumptuous, state-of-the-art recording of great hit songs from the legendary Motown catalog. Performed beautifully on solo piano in a "Slo-Down Romantic" style, this is a sultry and sophisticated approach to these classic songs.   

Randy Klein - Invitation In (Jazzheads - 2004)
Award winning pianist/composer Randy Klein, in Invitation In, takes a listener on a skillfully melodic, peaceful and refreshing journey resulting in an intimate personal musical experience.  

Randy Klein - Sunday Morning (Jazzheads - 2010)
This recording features trombonist, Chris Washburne and Russian saxophonist, Oleg Kireyev, in an interpretive solo setting with piano accompaniment by Randy Klein.

Randy Klein - The Flowing (Jazzheads - 2008)
Award winning pianist/composer, Randy Klein releases a stunning solo piano recording of very unique and stunning improvisations.
Randy Klein - Piano Christmas! (Jazzheads - 2005)
Randy Klein’s solo piano interpretations of these classic Christmas treasures capture the profound beauty, calm and peace that are part of this joyous holiday season.

Randy Klein - Underground Romantic (Jazzheads - 2012)
A master improviser and accomplished, award-winning composer, pianist Randy Klein has created a CD that takes the listener on a beautiful musical journey.
Randy Klein - What's Next (Jazzheads - 2012)
The second in the Two Duos series, pianist-composer, Randy Klein engages in musical conversation with electric bass guitarist virtuoso Boris Kozlov and guitarist Alex Skolnick.  
Kenny Keys - Samson Management (Jazzheads - 2019)
Kenny Keys dials up some inspiration from his management company in Samson Management.
Kenny Keys - Casualty of War (Jazzheads - 2020)
Kenny Keys reaches out to new audiences with an ear for the eclectic with Casualty Of War.