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 “Shows the versatility and good taste of two accomplished musicians. In short, it clearly demonstrates just how strong a piano and bass duo performance can be.” 

Milt “The Judge” Hinton

“Harvie Swartz is one of the most melodic bass players I know.. I’m glad that Randy Klein’s musical compositions really focus on his gift for melody. I love his work.”

Dr. Billy Taylor

“Pianist/composer Randy Klein sets off bassist Harvie Swartz and his multi-faceted playing in a series of exquisite pieces that are moving and spirited.”

Sunsh Stein - JazzTimes (May 1996)

“A sonic stunner...excluding compilations of Cole Porter, it would be difficult to find a stronger batch of melodies on one CD. These songs are like tapestries somehow woven out of teardrops, shadows, and the breeze. Klein and Swartz play these little masterpieces with passion and a palpable sense of understanding. You can almost hear them listening to each other. Every note is clarion; an enchanted creation.”

Keith Spore - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

 “Love Notes is virtual ESP between two virtuoso musical creators.”

W. Royal Stokes Jazz Critic and Author

 “Excellent album...very sweet...playing it every Sunday on my show...”

Gerry Hanlon - WDCU FM Jazz 90

 “I was carried away on my computer a few days ago, and I let the intriguing tunes of Randy Klein play through twice. What great music, and Harvie Swartz is no stranger to me. It’s difficult to dissect this CD tune by tune, and not really necessary. Everything just works so well and it will captivate you in a hurry. I know I’ll be returning to this. It’s a great 50 minutes with two interesting players.”

Jerry Atkins - Jazz Director KTXK- Texarcana, TX

“As the title suggests, here is music for cold winter evenings by the fire (or a warm heater). Pianist Klein and bassist Swartz have great empathy and their duos, all Klein originals except one by Swartz, build in musicalness and beauty to a wondrous end with Klein’s “Truly Yours” (named a CD of the month)

Lee Lowenfish - Lee Lo’s New York Jazz Newsletter

 “Love Notes From The Bass is very special. The first track made me cry, it was so moving. Definitely one of my top picks for ‘95.”

Randy McElligott - CHUO-FM 89 Ottawa, Canada

 “The most attractive quality of this disc is its starkness, and how the whispered bare tones of Klein’s and Swartz’ playing utilizes silence to convey delicacy and somberness.”

Dave McElfresh - Jazz Now Magazine

 “Veteran Harvie Swartz has a loving touch with his instrument. The songs, mostly slow, romantic melodies, showcase his rich, woody sound. Klein’s music is consistent, warm, and quietly pleasing.”

SOS Jazz - Youngstown, OH

 “An empathetic collaboration by a master bassist and a very talented pianist/composer; refreshing and original!”

J.O. Spaak - Jazz Director, WWUH-FM

 “Tranquil. Gentle. Loving. Subtlety reigns here with ten original compositions...Technically excellent, with an almost classic feel. Love Notes is true to it’s title, and definitely a solid effort.”

Tom Roalkvam Victory Review (Acoustic Music Review Magazine)

“The pianist and the bassist work well together; their interaction seems telepathic. Klein is an individual stylist. As for Swartz - WOW! He ranks among the very best.”

Harvie Pekar - The Ohio Plain Dealer

 “Randy Klein, lyricist of witty songs, has come out with a very different idea for his second Jazzheads release. This purely instrumental date finds him playing supportive piano behind bassist Harvie Swartz on ten originals. This is a recording for listeners who love the sound of the acoustic bass. This project succeeds.”

Scott Yanow - LA Jazz Scene

 “A sensuous, romantic album: the remarkably expressive Swartz is one of the premier bassists, and Klein has given him marvelous showcases...worth the effort it might take to find it.”

Bart Grooms - Black & White

 “Love Notes with Randy Klein and Harvie Swartz is tops!”

Stix Leonard - Maine Stream Jazz, Ogunquit, ME

“Love Notes is super stuff!! I know our listening audience will dig it as much as I did.”

Tom Dean - WOUI FM 88.9

“Swartz is always great, he and Klein work well together.”

Lenny Mazel KCME- Colorado Springs, CO

Love Notes From The Bass

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