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Hushhhhhh! Randy Klein's Piano Christmas! is a gentle instrumental album, a well-executed fresh bouquet of piano solos. The multi-talented (and award- winning) Klein is an accomplished pianist and composer, often providing creative pieces for television, theater, and film. On Piano Christmas! , Klein takes a break from his busy schedule to interpret 13 well-familiar holiday favorites, ranging from "Holly Jolly Christmas" to "Oh Holy Night." Everything about this offering is delicate. Even Holly Jolly Christmas, which is usually raucous, is a fragile flower in Klein's capable hands. The tempos here are consistently slow , but the mood is sweetly upbeat.

Although Klein is a master of jazz improvisation, this music leans heavily toward new age sensibilities. Klein's interpretations never stray too far from each number's heart, and his playful, tender treatment makes the common come alive.

Every track is lovely , but my favorite is probably "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" with its fascinating chord changes and delightfully discordant moves. "Oh Holy Night" also boasts a multi-layered feel, simple yet complex all at once. Piano Christmas! is a very enjoyable album for that quiet evening of contemplation. It's serene soul will smoothly transport you to Randy Klein's wonderful world of beauty . --Carol Swanson