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In describing duo performance, Randy Klein said, “Both players are always totally exposed. The accompanist has to lay down the harmony, rhythm, fill in the spaces and be ready to solo. When the accompanist turns soloist, the solo instrument becomes the orchestra (one instrument orchestra) playing the inner voices, adding color, rhythm and nuance to back the piano solo.”

What's Next? is an all-around success - All Music Guide, Ken Dryden read review

Klein’s note selection and soloing is a combination of Bill Evans and Ahmad Jamal. He plays nice full chords underneath thoughtful single lines that flow effectively through the changes - Guitar International, Vince Lewis read review

Each tune is perfectly placed in the order of the presentation to guarantee a solid contrast throughout. The melodies are all extremely well crafted and interesting. Klein’s chord progressions offer a modern approach while maintaining enough of the traditional thought processes to be logical and pleasing to the most hard line old school listener - Guitar International, Vince Lewis read review

Skolnick absorbs the subtlety of the pianist's music and proves himself to be a good listener, complementing Klein's work with thoughtful solos and accompaniment, beginning with the infectious opener "Exalted Kingdom," which is reminiscent of the kind of duets Chick Corea often plays with vibraphonist Gary Burton - All Music Guide, Ken Dryden read review

The soft, understated samba setting of "No" is full of inspired moments... - All Music Guide, Ken Dryden read review

Koslov's sublime playing being the perfect match for Klein's whimsical piano - All Music Guide, Ken Dryden read review

...the pianist and bassist deftly engage one another in a delightful musical conversation - All Music Guide, Ken Dryden read review

...the result is one of the most lyrical, melodic yet incisively swinging releases to come out in many moons -, George W. Harris read review

Klein's performance is first-rate throughout Sunday Morning's twelve musical musings - All About Jazz, Dan Bilawskyread review

Sunday Morning is a higher level of intuitiveness, that underscores the sterling musicianship evidenced throughout. It’s largely about melody making, consisting of jazzy lines, interspersed with cunning exchanges from the soloists -, Glenn Astaritaread review