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It's All About The Music /

The Business Of Music

Master Classes, Clinics, Residencies, Private Coaching

Randy Klein conducts Master Classes, Residencies, and Clinics at major universities throughout the world. His presentations are informative, entertaining, exciting, and inspirational. He conducts classes on music fundamentals and theory, piano, notation, the aesthetics of music, songwriting, and the business of music.

His songwriting clinics are opportunities for students to present their material for analysis and evaluation.

All presentations contain a Q&A to accommodate the many questions students may have.

Educational Collaboration

Randy will collaborate with the presenting organization to create a music-education program that coordinates specifically with any curriculum. The following demonstrates just a few of the many subjects that he is versed in:​​

The Quickstart Guide to Songwriting Workshop focuses on the fundamentals of songwriting and understanding the essential musical elements of a song. By offering examples and exercises on topics such as coming up with great song ideas, organizing lyrical thoughts and pacing, and understanding the essential musical elements of a song, students will experience a unique spin on the craft of songwriting.

The workshop starts with choosing a subject to write a song about, then writing a lyric, a memorable hook, a singable melody, and then adding harmony and rhythm. The presentation is an easy step-by-step introductory into teaching students how to create their own songs.

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'It's All About The Music / The Business Of Music' is the highly successful music-education presentation developed by Randy Klein. 

This knowledge Randy shares with your students is essential information needed before they graduate and begin their careers.

Jazz Lyric Writing Clinic

Every Thursday 7 – 9PM EST

If you have a new song or you are blocked with any areas of your songwriting….You Can Write A Song Online Songwriting Workshop is the place to be.

Songwriters, Artists, Topliners, and Producers at all levels (from beginning to advanced/professional) are welcome. 

Subjects of discussion include: production values, the business of music, creating demos, mixing, mastering, sound recording, and much more. We will discuss collaboration and working with other songwriters, and how to get your music heard.

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*The Art Of Improvisation 
*Songwriting (all styles)
*Playing In A Rhythm Section
*The Accompanist (Playing With A Vocalist or Solo Instrument)

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Please contact Randy Klein to discuss details of conducting a presentation specifically designed for your institution.

Randy@randykleinmusic.com - Online lessons available.

Quickstart Guide To Songwriting

*Basic Musicianship

Jazz lyric writing, is a style of songwriting chosen by a handful of select composer/lyricists who have dedicated themselves to this almost lost art form.  Composer/Pianist/Jazzheads CEO, Randy Klein’s witty and insightful clinic explores: How to write a jazz lyric? How to make the lyric meld with the melody? How to be sure the lyric is understood? How to be sure the vocalist is able to sing it?