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The show, about three fairies who receive pets in anticipation of a competition at school, is sprinkled with positive messages, too. Twinkle receives a smelly, ill-behaving dragon as a pet and struggles to find a category they can win, all while learning A) not to judge a book by its cover and B) winning is great but it isn't as important as your friends. Life lessons, people!"

- Ellen Schmidt, Baby Meets City

About Twinkle Tames a Dragon

From Katharine Holabird, the author of the classic book series Angelina Ballerina, comes a brand new show for all those who love fairies, friendship, dragons and fun! Twinkle has always wanted a pet and is thrilled when Fairy Godmother grants her wish. While her friends get cute little pets, a naughty pet dragon named Scruffy is NOT what Twinkle had in mind! Can Twinkle tame her dragon in time for Fairy Pet Day?

"Calling all NYC parents of fairy-loving kiddos: the girls and I recently checked out Twinkle Tames a Dragon, an adorable musical about fairies (& their pets!) at Vital Theatre Company on the Upper West Side. Known for their engaging & dynamic children's theater productions, "Twinkle" did not disappoint.

"If you think a puppy can be obstreperous, imagine what a mischievous little dragon can do. That’s the pet that Twinkle, a fairy, unexpectedly receives from her godmother in this musical from Vital Theater Company, adapted from the book of the same title by Katharine Holabird, author of the Angelina Ballerina series. There may not be an obedience school for dragons, but Twinkle has a few magical advantages to draw on in this show for ages 2 through 7, which has just been extended." - Laurel Graeber

Book & lyrics by MATTHEW HARDY
Music, vocal arrangements & orchestrations by RANDY KLEIN
based on the book "TWINKLE TAMES A DRAGON"
Illustrated by SARAH WARBURTON