"Love Notes from the Bass" showcases composer/pianist Randy Klein's original duets composed for and featuring bassist Harvie Swartz. Improvising musicians have always delighted in duets, where communication between players is immediate and intimate. Klein's elegantly crafted compositions lend form to Swartz's flowing and romantic improvisation. Produced by Rob Harari, the CD offers 50 minutes of lyrical, intuitive music, where improvisation and structure meet with uncanny empathy.

These are subtle pieces; while the two men are clearly virtuosi, they eschew displays of technique in favor of a spare yet richly nuanced lyricism propelled by gentle undercurrents of swing. Swartz effortlessly brings out his instrument's woody warmth, while Klein's romantic chording and graceful melodies make a perfect foil for the master bassist's ruminations. With nine originals from Klein, and one from Swartz, "Love Notes from the Bass" offers an elegant listening experience.

Love Notes From The Bass

(Jazzheads - 1994)